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How to Master Email Marketing System

How to Master Email Marketing System

Despite the fact that there are numerous business marketing platforms accessible, according to Campaign Monitor, there is one platform that consistently performs well every year and that is email marketing. The reason is obvious. For the 10th year in a row, email has produced the highest return on investment for marketers. Email marketing yields $38 in ROI for every $1 spent and provides advertisers with the largest reach of all the channels accessible to them. Despite the n-number of marketing techniques accessible, the Email Marketing System is the greatest choice for business success.

Hence, In this article, we will talk about Email Marketing System which will consists of the following

  1. What is an Email Marketing System?
  2. How is the Email Marketing System built? 
  3. What can we do with the Email Marketing System? 
  4. Some real time use cases of Email Marketing System? 

What is an Email Marketing System?

Email Marketing System is a service-based software that is used by marketers to send out emails. This program can be used for a multitude of applications, including expanding an email list, designing and generating customized email templates, and segmenting lists for sending more focused, relevant emails. The platform allows marketers to do much more than just send emails, thanks to a multitude of services, resources, and tools.

How is the Email Marketing System built? 

The Email Marketing System consists mainly of two parts, 

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), or the sending server 
  • Email Management Application

SMTP is a set of communication guidelines that allow software to transmit an electronic mail over the internet is called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is a program used for sending messages to other computer users based on e-mail addresses.

The second part is Email Management Application where you manage your SMTP, where we manage our email marketing campaigns, where we manage our email lists.

So we have an email marketing application as a software application that we connect with SMTP. So we can send emails, because the SMTP alone will not know what to send, what are the emails, what are the email lists, and so on. So we need something to manage the SMTP server. That’s it, an email marketing application, a software that we connect with SMTP, then we can launch and run email marketing campaigns. So the software alone can’t send emails, and SMTP alone can’t send email marketing campaigns, you need both together.

Let’s go deep inside SMTP and see how things work inside it. It’s really very important to understand things to be a master in email marketing.

When you decide to send someone an email using an SMTP server:

  • The SMTP server you use processes your email. 
  • It decides which server to send the message to. 
  • The SMTP server relays the message to that server(The inbox service provider of the recipient).
  •  It downloads your message and places it in his inbox.

The SMTP is just like other servers. It processes your email then send it to another server.

The SMTP server helps your email go to its destination. When you click the Send button, your email transforms into a string of code. This code will be sent to the SMTP server. 

When it gets the code, the server process it and pass on the message. However, if there is no SMTP server at this stage, there will be no processing of the message, and it will be gone in translation. 

Moreover, the SMTP server is important for your safety. It is the first guard that verifies that the outgoing email is sent from an active account. 

If the message can’t be delivered, the email will be sent back to the SMTP sender which informs the sender about the possibility of having problems. The problem could be that the email is blocked by the server of the receiver or has the wrong email address. 

So the second part in the email marketing system is the email marketing application or the email sender application, the email client, a tool that allows you to build and send emails to a list of contacts. A solid email marketing application will track your emails and collect data that you can analyze and examine to improve and adapt your next email campaign.

There are plenty of Email Marketing Applications in the market we have Mailwizz and Mailster. For WordPress, we have SendBlaster, we have a free email sender application known as Super Email Sender and many more. We also have Microsoft Outlook. All these are email clients or email sender applications that you can connect to an SMTP and start sending emails, I think the idea is somehow simple. So now we have two parts connected together to form the email marketing system. 

So now after we understand the concept and how the email marketing system is structured, let’s dive in and see what are the choices available for you for your business to build your own email marketing system, mainly, we have three options.

What can we do with the Email Marketing System? 

The first one is to go with an email marketing company, like maybe MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, and so on. These big companies will help you manage everything about email marketing very easily. So you’re not worried about anything about the SMTP or the technical stuff, you just connect your website with these services. And you start collecting email lists, and then running email marketing campaigns and setting up autoresponders and so on. We will talk about this in detail later in the course in this series. So the first option is to go and subscribe to an email marketing company. These companies have the full platform in the back end, they have SMTP servers, and they have email marketing applications. And they will show you a simple interface to manage your email marketing setup.

The second option is to build your own email marketing system from scratch. So you build an SMTP server for yourself. And you build or you set up an email marketing application, and you connect together and you take care of everything. This requires some technical stuff, you need to learn how to build these setups. And this will explain in detail on how to build an SMTP server in my courses and videos here on my YouTube channel. You can review if you want. So the second option is to build everything by yourself from scratch with the SMTP server, and set up an email marketing application and set up everything. And by the way, it’s not that big a deal. If you follow my course and videos, you will see how you can set up an SMTP very easily, how to set up an email marketing application, how to connect and launch your first email marketing campaign. And you will see that really things are simple, just you need some passion to learn and some time to configure like in one or two days, you can set up everything.

Anyway, Now let’s continue with option three. This option is somehow mixed between an SMTP service provider and your own email marketing application. So we can subscribe to an SMTP service or get an SMTP server that we don’t build. We buy it, we subscribe to a service. And we have our own email marketing application like MailWizz like Sandy, like Sound Blaster or whatever. We connect both together, and we have our full email marketing system. And this way, we will not worry about the technical stuff about the SMTP because the SMTP somehow needs some maintenance, needs warming up and so on. So when you get the SMTP service, or we subscribe to our SMTP server, things will be somehow easier for you. And this will explain in my course building a full email marketing system with Amazon Simple email service and MailWizz You can renew my course if you want. Anyway, here’s the three options. Again, you can subscribe to an email marketing company, build a full system from scratch or combine an SMTP service provider with your own email marketing application. So what to choose and what is the best choice for you.

Some real time use cases of Email Marketing System? 

Let’s see together. Let’s make things simple. In part one of this series, I told you that we have three types of email marketers. We have bulk mailers, we have called mailers, and legal or traditional email marketers, you have to know yourself which type you are in. So you can choose the best system that fits you. If you are a cold email marketer, you have two choices, you can use an SMTP service provider with your own email marketing application, or you need to build your own email marketing system, because almost all email marketing companies like MailChimp, AWeber, and those companies will not allow cold emails or bulk emails. So you need to go with your own system, or just get an SMTP service with your own application. So this is the first option if you have a cold. If you are a bulk mailer, those who send affiliate links market CPA offers and so on those that may be classified as spammers, you can go except with your own system and take care of it. Because you will not find any SMTP service provider or any email marketing application that will allow this type of email marketing, it’s considered as spam. So you need to go with your own system and take care of it and follow the guidelines properly to succeed in your campaigns. The third type, which are traditional email marketers, you can choose between the three options. My advice for you, if you are a starter, you can go with an email marketing company and create a free account and see how things work for my business. I don’t use email marketing companies, I use my own systems, because it’s a lot cheaper. Now, if you have a lot of sales, if you’re a big company, you are doing like six figures monthly or six figures yearly. You can go with an email marketing company, it’s up to you. But if you’re a small business, if you are a beginner, I advise you to go with a third option, which is getting an SMTP service like Amazon SES, combined with your own application. This is the easiest, the simplest and the cheapest option for you, you can send up to 100,000 emails for $10 using Amazon SES. And by the way, I discussed this topic in detail in a separate video here on my channel, you can check the description below. I talked about the best email marketing service, what is the best choice to go with as an email marketer, you can review the video description below. So that said this about the email marketing system, there’s the three options that you have, and there’s how we can select the best choice for you. Now if you have a specific scenario, you can contact me anytime to show the scenario and answers and they will be there to help you choose the best that fits your online business.


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